Miniature Three Piece Wood Manger Set


Miniature Natural Wood Manger Set includes manger, donkey, and lamb. You will receive a manger, donkey, and a lamb. Also included are the pieces to insert for standing.

3 Piece Wood Manger Set Dimensions:
* Manger: approximate 5″ L (at the longest) x 7 3/8“ W (at the widest)
* Donkey: approximate 2 5/8″ L (at the longest) x 2 5/8“ W (at the widest)
* Lamb: approximate 1 7/16″ L (at the longest) x 1 1/2“ W (at the widest)


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This is a small scale manger set. Shown with mug for scale. Its adorable size makes it easy to display anywhere–on a bookshelf, desk, mantel, window sill, side table, end table–wherever you want to place it.

Made of birch, the miniature manger set can be left natural or customized by painting.